Guest DJ - Founder and Owner JJ's DIGITAL IMAGES & DESIGNS

DJ BrooklynBeast

DJ BrooklynBeast comes from a family of DJ’s from father, uncles, cousins
and even his brothers. He also had friends and neighborhood DJ’s who
influenced him (Shout out to the Master Blasters from NYC radio station WBLS).Music has been around him all his life. Being from New York city also gave him the opportunity to be open to all genres.

DJ BrooklynBeast´s passion for music is endless. He’s also managed a few
artists and worked with several producers in and around USA and Europe. In
DJ BrooklynBeast’s eyes he sees everything as a form of art.
Therefore, he decided to start in his own business,
JJ’s Digital Images & Designs ”, in which he does photography, produces music videos, digital designs, manages artists & models and more.

R.I.P Mom We love you and miss you so much.